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What's authentic Chinese food?

Updated: Mar 24

The answer is "What city?"

There are hundreds of authentic Chinese foods, different areas, provinces, and even different cities have their own "Authentic Chinese Food"

To better understand what I'm talking about, please see the map below for 907 - 979 China.

China is united by hundreds of tribes and cultures which have hundreds of Authentic Chinese Foods, cultures, beliefs, and spoken languages.

Mandarin was created based on the Beijing spoken language and set as the Chinese official language in 1923. It has been re-created in 1955. Many Chinese people who were born before 1970 can't speak Mandarin well even now.

Cantonese is used in deep south China, Macao, and Hong Kong which is [南汉] area in the map.

Taiwan speaks Mandarin and Hakka which is the same as the southern part of [闽]

authentic Chinese food map
907 - 979 Chinese Map, Around 1,000 years ago

Food is a part of the culture, every spoken language has its cuisine makes sense, right?

-- Original author:

Jason Jiangnan Zheng Sing Choi Kee CEO

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